Selected recent Publications


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  • Brosig‐Koch, J., Hehenkamp, B., & Kokot, J. (2023). Who benefits from quality competition in health care? A theory and a laboratory experiment on the relevance of patient characteristics. Health Economics32(8), 1785-1817. 




  • Biermann, P., Bitzer, J., & Gören, E. (2022). The relationship between age and subjective well-being: estimating within and between effects simultaneously. The Journal of the Economics of Ageing, 21, 100366. 


  • Brosig-Koch, J., Griebenow, M., Kifmann, M., & Then, F. (2022). Rewards for information provision in patient referrals: a theoretical model and an experimental test. Journal of Health Economics, 86, 102677. 


  • Caliendo, M., & Hennecke, J. (2022). Drinking is different! Examining the role of locus of control for alcohol consumption. Empirical Economics63(5), 2785–2815. 


  • Hennecke, J., & Pape, A. (2022). Suddenly a Stay-At-Home Dad? Short- and Long-term Consequences of Fathers’ Job Loss on Time Investment in the Household. Review of Economics of the Household, 20(2), 579–607. 



  • Weimann, J., Brosig-Koch, J., Heinrich, T., Hennig-Schmidt, H., & Keser, C. (2022). CO2 Emission reduction–Real public good provision by large groups in the laboratory. Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization200, 1076-1089.


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