International Regulatory and Comepetition Policy

Module Objectives

The students

  • understand the historical roots of economics of competition policy
  • obtain skills to model and analyze the abuse of market power
  • acquire knowledge on the instruments for anti-trust policy
  • gain insights on sentences for the abuse of market power through the analysis of case studies


Market Structures:

  • Multi-Product Monopoly and Price Discrimination
  • Vertical Restraints
  • Oligopoly with Homogeneous vs. Non-Homogeneous Products
  • Repeated and Dynamic Market Interaction

Competition Policy:

  • Market Power and Welfare
  • European Competition Policy & Law
  • Collusion and Mergers
  • Vertical Restraints and Price Discrimination


  • none
    • Recommendations: basics in microeconomics

Workload and Credit Points

56 hours attendance time and 94 learning hours incl. exam(s) / 5CP


  • Massimo Motta: Competition Policy -Theory and Practice, Cambridge University Press

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